Wednesday 18 July 2012

Great News!

Morning All

It has been a while since I last posted as I have been in the process of accepting a new role. I am now very excited to announce that I have taken a position as the Senior Market Analyst at a leading CFD provider, First Prudential Markets: Our niche is our Direct Market Access (DMA) product, which means that our clients receive direct price feeds from the underlying market and price depths. There is no market maker intervention and thus all client orders are placed directly on the underlying exchange. I believe First Prudential offers a fantastic platform and product offering, and there is increasing scope for Market commentary, analysis and identifying trading opportunities for our client base. Thus I am really looking forward to expanding my analysis to a broader audience and developing a first rate research product. We specialise in ASX Equities and Equity index CFDs, with a growing presence in FX and commodity markets.

As ever, I thank you for your continued readership and support. If you enjoy my work and are interested in trading CFD products through DMA across ASX equities and international equity indices, please contact myself and the team at First Prudential: I very much intend to build a first rate advisory service across our markets for our clients- a reason in itself to sign up and get an account! I will be posting here here infrequently for now.

Thanks again. Please seem my contact details below and feel free to give me a call.

Austin Mitchum
Senior Market Analyst
First Prudential Markets

Office: +61 2 8252 6800 Ext 120

Mobile: +61 0431547026