Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Two days in a row I have let good trading days slide into negative ones. Analyzing these days, it is clear to me that I have let emotional and personal problems get on top of me. These manifested themselves in some reckless trades, a loss of discipline, and has no doubt left me thinking "how could I be so stupid?" The solution is probably clear- time to relax. Time to breathe. The market will always be there.

These are not losses that will take me out of the game. However, I am more upset at myself given the progress I have made throughout the month in my day trading only to watch it vaporise as we draw to the close. I am upset at the lack of professionalism. Does this sound familiar to anyone? As traders, I am sure we all go through this. And this is why trading is just so difficult. It puts you on the spot everyday as a performance field. If you are not prepared, if you dont bring the right mindset, you will get found out.

As this is my blog, I feel I can write this. The simple truth is that I had my heart broken by someone recently. There I said it. You know that feeling- the regrets, the anguish, the sleepless nights. It is truly horrible. I wish I could just get these thoughts out of my head but you can't will them away. The whole experience can't be explained. I know I am too intense as a person and thus this all boils up.

A friend of mine used to say to me "it's horse time" whenever I was down money. This is one of those times no doubt although not in the trading sense. Time to really get some exercise, focus on my hobbies outside of trading like surfing and music. All the old cliches of "it takes time" ring true and you can either wallow or just try and battle on.

So no charts today. No analysis. I do intend to go over my trading diary today for the month past. Pour over the good, the bad, and the areas for continued improvement. Give it all voice. I just need to get my freshness back before I can trade effectively once more I feel.

I'm sure this is something all traders can do more of. Taking time away from screens, focusing on hobbies, spending time with loved ones and friends etc. Recharging. Trading truly is a performance field and you can get found out very quickly if you are not on your game.

I would be intrigued if some of these words resonate with my readers. How do you bounce back whether it be in trading or in life?