My Trading Style

My trading style can be broadly defined as "swing trading". Quite simply, my trading can be categorised as either buying/selling retracements back into a strong trend; trading breakouts from congestion; and looking to exploit weakening trends through climax patterns. A final category of setups I trade can be labelled as "failed patterns" and these are often some of the most powerful technical setups out there. 

I draw much of my inspiration from the teachings and work of Linda Bradford Raschke and Jack Schwager. A great summary on the real nature of swing trading can be found at Linda's website here:

I use a number of technical inputs such as charts, moving averages, momentum indicators, fibonacci numbers and some tenets of Elliot wave. The key point to understand is that no one method or set of indicators will work all the time. One has to be flexible and at all times heed the price action which is the ultimate indicator. The best we can do as traders is draw upon demonstrable edges, wait for price action to confirm, and pull the the trigger whilst always understanding the risk/reward. Emotional biases are the undoing of all traders. There is no perma anything here but just setup after setup after setup. My old trading mentor used to say to me, "Anticipate, dont react". I think this is some of the best advice out there and I hope the plans and charts I show you keep you prepared.