About Me

I am a professional trader based in Sydney, Australia. I trade for a proprietary firm and focus on Asian Equity futures and Currency futures. I have been involved in the markets for over 10years, working for Morgan Stanley on the EM trading desk as well as trading my own investment fund in Asia. Recently, I have been providing technical analysis commentary via http://marketletters.blogspot.com/ and I have now decided to build on this.

I wanted to start this blog for a number of reasons. My overwhelming desire is to provide first rate technical analysis that offers real value for traders. I don't think there are enough blogs out there doing this. Having spent hours and hours studying and trading price charts, having spent endless money on various subscription services, I have finally realised what works for me and how I can profit from the markets. Unfortunately, most of the traditional patterns, methods, wave counts and the like which you read about just will not work. I am hoping that through this blog I can show you a number of great setups, a unique way at looking at the markets, and really offering insight into how to be successful in this business.

Secondly, I wanted to use this blog as a way of interacting with other traders, to share ideas and to try and help others improve their edge. There are so many opportunities out there and I would love to create an environment that fosters collective networking here in Asia. This is a tough business no doubt. I hope to show the reality of being a trader and to reach out to those in their various stages of their  market learning. 

Finally, I firmly believe that successful traders are highly methodical, have concrete trading plans and are highly rule governed based on exhaustive research and observation. I could think of no better way to prepare for the trading day than having this blog outlining my methodology and my plan. 

I hope you enjoy. Please always drop me questions or comments at austin.mitchum1@googlemail.com